PREAMBLE: Our Nation Needs Quality Teachers:Enlightened, emancipated and empowered teachers lead communities and nations in their march towards higher quality of life. Teachers are torch bearers in creating social cohesion, national integration and learning society. They not only disseminate knowledge but also create and generate new knowledge. They are responsible for the acculturating role of education. No rising nation, even marginally, should slacken its efforts in giving necessary professional enhancement of its teachers and along with that due status to their stature.

            We are moving through the period of implementation of the Fundamental Right to Free and Compulsory Education to children (RTE), up to ClassVIII. India is doing all it can to provide quality education to all children in the country irrespective of gender, caste, creed, religion and geographies.As projected by the Planning Commission, the ratio of One Teacher for one class/section of 30 Pupils, prescribed under the RTE, has created enormous need for trained teachers in the country. An estimated number of nearly 12.84 lakh trained teachers are required to be enrolled in Govt. schools. Bihar alone should have 262351 trained teachers out of the sanctioned post of 593750 teachers.

Excellence in Education