AIM: GGITE aspires to make Bachelor of Education Programme a joyful, life-long-learning experience; by shaping the ‘Teacher-Learners’ into outstanding ‘Educators’.

 OBJECTIVES: With regard to the national challenges emerging out of the State’s endeavour in implementation of Right to Free and Compulsory Education to Children, the Ganga-Global-Educators,having grasped the National Curriculum together with a transnational reasoning, will be specially enabled to:

  • DDevelopunderstanding of the psychological and sociological concepts beginning with the elementary and upper stages of school-learning contexts.
  • AAcquirenecessary skills to build curiosity, imagination and creativity.
  • MManageappropriate resources for organising learning experiences.
  • A: Acquaintwith methods and techniques of caring children with special needs.
  • E: Enlargecapacity to understand and analyse the socio-cultural and emotional issues .
  • I: InfuseICT (Information and Communication Techniques) and multilingual skills for enhancement of learning.
  • O: Organiseyoga, games, sports and other co-curricular events and activities.
  • U: Understandimplications of research for teaching-learning and undertake action research for encouraging innovative practices.

Excellence in Education